About Us

Welcome to Gifts Arranged! Based in Dayton, Ohio, we are your one stop shop for handcrafted and exclusive gift baskets, delivered nationwide. We offer a wide variety of themed gift baskets - gourmet chocolate gift baskets, coffee gift baskets, meat and cheese gift baskets, sweet & savory gift baskets and more.  We have beautifully themed gift baskets for every special occasion - birthdays, thank you gifts, corporate events, team achievement gifts and more!

Our Products

  • Customizable Gift Baskets: Made to your budget, preferences and occasion

Service Offerings

  • Gift Consultation & Designing Services: We can work with you to design a gift that meets your requirements and budget perfectly. Consultation is free.
  • Free Customization: Include your promotional materials, such as brochures, cards, etc. in any basket or gift. No minimum quantity is required.
  • Free Delivery / Shipping in Dayton area: We offer to deliver/ship your gifts for you.
  • Pop-By Gifts: Customized, inexpensive gifts for clients and referral partners.

We Cater to:

  • All industries: Including hotels, realtors, doctor’s offices, investment firms, law firms, accounting firms, insurance firms and any other business that wants to gain loyalty and growth through gifting.
  • All business events: Including conference gifts & giveaways, event favors and gifts for employee / client events and recognition.
  • Weddings & Personal events: Designer gifts, gift baskets and favors for weddings and any personal occasion.

Contact us to discuss your requirements!